"Through fun, adventure and challenge SuperReal Women offers positive role models empowering young women to reach their potential while fostering a culture of empathy." 

The Story

The player enters a three dimensional environment and a hologram of her great, great, grandmother appears.


  • The grandmother requests the player to put together a mission to another planet as she knows the earth will not be habitable after a while

  • For the mission the player needs to put together all the technology, equipment , money, and crew e.g. astronomers, scientist, pilots, ammuniations experts to dodge meteors etc needed

  • Also they need to think of the long interstellar journey so the people in the mission may be spending 100s of years on the ship so they will need to build a self sufficient space city on the ship with doctors, engineers, food specialists, fitness specialists, bio engineers to design space food garden, leaders for the team, phsycologists to deal with phycological problems etc. 

  • To do this the player needs to help the Super Real Women characters who would train the player and their chosen team. 

Game Progression
Level 1: Build skills for the Mission

​Learn from the experts here on earth

put together a team with your (actual) friends , or pick up all required skills alone

all of your  team would learn from the experts here on earth

once whole of the team or you are expert in everything required for the mission you can leave earth and start the mission.


Level 2: Go on the Mission

launch your ship along with your crew and inhabitants of the star ship

face the rigours of the ship

navigate your way through the universe to land on numerous earth candiates

find the final real destination, your new home


Feel the ecstasy of creating your success story through this Virtual Reality Game

Challenge your mind by building complex objects 

Explore your abilities, overcome your limitations....

you build a crappy space ship then you cannot go to space. 

Discover the Unknown....gain new experiences...solve challenges in the life of a character who has researched in a field you know nothing about

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