Journey to the Sun Part 1-Mom, aren't you different?

My mother is not someone who ever tells me stories of princes, princesses, knights or superheroes who either rescue someone or have to be rescued. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if she would just for one day be like my friends' moms. But my dad always tells me that she is a very cool person and that I would have to grow up to really appreciate her. From where I stand, I see her as a person who is always in the lab doing strange experiments and working with stuff I do not understand.

Honestly, I do envy my friends whose mothers always seem to have infinite amount of time for them, making food that tastes out of this world and celebrating birthdays with the coolest parties.

Granted my mom is odd, not the best cook in the world, but I do love her because she teaches me the coolest stuff one can ever imagine.

I'm going to share with you what happened on my eighth birthday. As usual I knew there wasn't going to be a party with my friends because my mom wouldn't have had the time to plan for it. But I hoped there would be some sort of a small surprise to make me feel special at least for a day!

Well, there was a surprise waiting for me, just not the kind of surprise I was expecting. She had planned for a family camping trip on a hot summer weekend!!

It was so hot and humid, I bet she could have done her 'Hot Yoga' right there without even stepping into the studio.

Ofcourse I was being difficult and complaining about bringing me to a "tent" on my birthday rather than a fun pool party. She sat there silently and heard me fret for a bit. Then with her usual slight smile, started talking.

She said, "Ray, what if I took you to the Sun right now? How would you like it?"

I jumped up and said, "Mom! are you kidding me? what if we both burn to death? I'm already having such a bad day and you want to make it worse with your ideas?

Why are you like this? Why aren't you like the other moms?"

She in her calm tone replied, "Imagine you and I are in a spaceship. A spaceship that can take you anywhere in space, anywhere you can imagine! You don't worry about fuelling it or controlling it. All you got to do is IMAGINE....and it will take you there".

Suddenly, I could not wait to hear more from my mom. And suddenly, it was not that hot anymore. I guess mom always does that to me.

This was beginning to excite me but I was also kind of nervous. Is my mom really going to take me to the sun? Will it be fun? Are we going to be safe?

I asked her, "Really mom...can such a thing happen that we can go to the sun?"

She in her fearless, brave self said, "Why not? anything for my dear Ray."

Continued in part 2

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