VR gaming and STEM education


​​Do you wish to build an exciting and long lasting conversation with a kid of today’s gen?

Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift and 3D gaming are ‘the words’ you may want to try.

In response, you most definitely will hear from them a lot more than you know about wearables such as gloves and rings-'the next big thing in VR gaming'.​​


Gaming entertainment through mobile apps, consoles etc. is the norm of a kid’s lifestyle today.

Game discussion has become the center of kids conversation. Reality gaming is soon catching up.

At a recent event for school age kids, we introduced our STEM based VR game concept-an experiment to get real feedback on our game from our real customers.

The enthusiasm was amazing. Kids know a lot more than computers and video games. Virtual Reality is not new to them. The suggestions and feedback we received is something only a pro gamer could think of. Unbelievably constructive gaming equally excited both genders.

Our interactions prove, to inevitably accept that present day kids speak technology for entertainment.

However, the same interactions indicated that kids have lesser engagement with real sciences and its technologies although there is a high curiosity to explore these areas.

This clearly proves a huge gap between the use of technology for entertainment versus its use for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning - the core focus of the present education system.

VR in edu.jpg

It is time we realize the importance of bridging this gap for our future.

Gaming entertainment has successfully brought about a huge change, making the leap in introducing technology barring all ages. This exposure can most certainly be leveraged upon to encourage STEM based learning.

Imagine the endless possibilities of kids learning science and engineering through the language they very well understand- VR and gaming.

arizona uni immersive.jpg
strange chemistry.jpg

To experience in immersive 3D, nuclear fission and fusion; to see up close how chemicals react;

To learn from the ‘REAL’ experts, success and failure of experiments all with an ultimate gaming experience is what we at Teevragaming believe can recreate the medium of entertainment into a learning based environment.

And that's exactly what's happening at Teevragaming- we are busy working with our animators to create the game 'Mission Starship' from the game series VRSTEMs.

Check out this sneak peek into our very first game character: Marie Curie

red010001-0100 3.jpg

How do you like Marie's first look? Your suggestions and feedback are extremely important and valuable to us. Write to us at superrealwomen@gmail.com

yellow020001-0100 4.jpg

To bring to life characters that are REAL and not fictional is one big challenge we knew from the beginning but we also believe that it is not impossible.

Where do we get this inspiration? From our REAL characters who have been 'futurisitc game changers' with relentless stories overcoming challenges time and again.

Inspiring kids through 'positive role models' beyond mere learning is our key focus.

Learn more about them here: http://www.teevragaming.com/#!media/c10mq

Subscribe to get updates on the game progress and our fun quiz contests for kids.

Our followers and subscribers are an important part of our journey. We call them 'Teevras' signifying fast, fierce and sharp-the very attributes of the Indian Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom (Goddess Sarasvati).

A true sense of what we want to achieve when you play our Virtual Reality game-immerse in a fast and fierce game to take away a great zeal of knowledge and wisdom of STEM and much more....

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