What difference can 100$ a month make

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The effect of images of women and girls in mass media has been known to have detrimental impact on the fairer sex, and particularly on the young impressionable minds of teens and pre-teens.

A study by YWCA, Beauty at any Cost, noted U.S. women spent some $7 billion a year, or an average of about $100 each, on cosmetics and beauty products. Estimated that average beauty spend of girls and women in America was 100$.

That $100 a month, if saved and invested for five years, would pay for a full year of tuition and fees at a public college, the report calculated.

The obsession with idealized beauty and body image is a lifelong burden that takes a terrible toll on all young girls and women in this country, and all over the world.

"What's really new here is the sheer extent to which women and girls are now willing to go...to be 'beautiful,' according to standards perpetuated by a youth-obsessed media culture with literally thousands of messages, 24 hours a day," she said. Nearly 11.7 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2007 -- a 446 percent increase in 10 years, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery. Botox injections and liposuction are the most popular nonsurgical and surgical procedures. It is not just women and girls; it is also men and boys who are affected by it. Their image of women and girls get skewed, and this affects their relationships with women. The addiction to porn is just a side effect of this. In a bid to change this we at Teevra Gaming are committed to using realistic images of women and girls because in real life no one looks perfect. And it is in these imperfections that our characters lie, as displayed by these Super Real women featured in these games .

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