First Noble Laureate who was not allowed to speak at the prize ceremony


Imagine you work like a slave towards your school project. Perhaps you have to build a glow in the dark clock. You find the material which glows in the dark, and paint the face of the clock. Then you get one of the kits which can turn your art into a clock. You fix the hands of the clock on the face, the machine on the back. Then you build a nice frame for your clock and fix some hooks on it so you could hang it on the wall. You spent a day of your life working on it. And then one of your classmates steals it from you, and you cannot prove they did steal it, so they get all the credit for it, while you get none.

Well something like this happened to Madam Marie Curie too in 1903. I am sure you heard her name as the first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize. But did you know she was never allowed to speak on the ceremony just because she was a woman.

Now you must be thinking why I am talking as though someone stole her work. And you are right no one did. But she did not get much credit either. Since she got the noble prize with her husband people thought that her husband was the one who did all the work. In some cases people just did not care that she did all the work, just because she was the woman. Hence it was Piere Curie who was given the credit even though it was Marie who spent years of her life working hard to find the secrets of radioactivity. In fact she was the one who found out what radioactivity was, and also coined the term. It was years before people actually saw what she was doing, but then she never cared and just kept working for the love of science.

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