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SuperReal women is a Virtual Reality instructional game which lets the user discover the breakthroughs and achievements of historical, female scientists in an immersive, virtual environments. 


Be the first to be immersed in this unique virtual reality game. Design a mission from scratch to find another planet. Tame primates in the jungle. Understand chemistry through interactive experiments. Travel into space. Recruit a team for the mission and learn the required skills from these super women. Put your skills to the test and become the future.





Prepare To Space Travel


Building your own telescope and space ships...Train your body for the rigors of space life and go on a mission to rediscover the stars and planets....

Learn the Chemical make up of the Universe


Rediscover radioactivity, nuclear fission and fusion all over again. Explode chemicals....perform experiments. Bring together molecules and see the real chemical reactions!

Rediscover  the Wild


Learn how to love the wilderness and extend your family to the animals of the forest while cuddling and touching the holograms in virtual reality. Play with them, dance with them. Protect them, and take them with you  to your new world...Teach them how to survive!

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 Available On
Playstation3 Xbox 360 and

Oculus Rift


Become an astronaut


Start with the physical preparation. Go over the theory. Enjoy the skydiving and experience the travel in space.