TEEVRA, siginifies fast, fierce and sharp. The attributes of the Indian Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom- Goddess Saraswati.

Here are some more quick answers to commonly asked questions about the game.


Why games with 'Real Characters'?


There is more than just one reason behind the creation of games with real scientists.

One of the most important reasons is to inspire the kids to explore the field of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) through fun and adventure. Our idea of the game is to positively stimulate young minds and create a passion for STEM through the real women role models who have been futuristic game changers. 


Is the game gender biased or feminist oriented?


No this game is not intended to attract feminism. Then the question arises, why there are only women characters?

History speaks in volumes about the challenges women have faced to prove and to initiate a ‘change’. Although women have better opportunities in the new-age world, the current statistics still indicate a huge gap with a low female student ratio in STEM based programs.

We believe that this game, with real women scientists and astronauts will stimulate young girls 'minds'. In a world filled with imagery of Barbie and Bratz this, game with real role models will help them build their self-esteem. Self-esteem not depending on how they look but what they do. It will also give young boys a different perspective regarding women and girls. 

Further this will send out a message that gaming industry can be a neutral, non-violent and an appropriate environment for all ages of both genders.



How is it different from other video games?


Video games are mostly known to incorporate violence and aggression. There are far less games that are adventurous yet non-violent. Women in games are mostly portrayed as sexualized and far from real. Research indicates that gaming is the most sought after entertainment for kids. Parents are worried with exposure to inappropriate content. This game involving real women characters will bring out a non-violent, constructive and creative side of young minds. 

What to expect from playing the game?

The gamer gets to choose unexplored paths of the universe. The sense of accomplishment of building their own ship, designing their own mission, choosing their own destination and actually getting there is the take away. They will be able to experience the journey through the stars in the cosmos in their full visual glory through the power of VR.


When is the game expected to release?


The game is being actively prototyped and designed. The STEM focused research and interview with the target age group is helping us customize this game appropriately. There is a tremendous interest in this game. If you think this game will make a difference and bring about a change to the present gaming industry, then be sure to join our interest list. We will appreciate your backing as this helps build traction to soon develop this game to reality.