About Us


Our team  believes in the power of a game about 'Real, female heroes'.  In a world of video games exploding with destructive violence we are creating a constructive, creative, fun and exciting game, inspired by real women who have been game changers. 

Sujata Tibrewala:
Game Designer/ Director

I am an ecofeminist artist (my web site)and Network Software developer/designer. I love technology, innovations and am passionate about spreading ideas about gender equality. I have a 15 year old girl and it breaks my heart to see the effect images of objectified women have on her. This is where the idea of this game was born in my mind to create the type of content I would want my girl to engage with.

Ranjitha Vishwa: 
Marketing & Sales

I am an engineer in the field of Information Science. Entrepreneurship has been my passion and technology fascinates me for what it can do to a better future. And these are the reasons that I chose to be involved in this unique project that speaks of a ‘Change’. As a mother of two little girls, I always wished that there were more than an imaginary princess or a fairy as their role model. This game project fills in that gap to help them realize there exists for real, women heroes who do a lot more to expand our future.